Slush Machine & Slush Syrup Concentrate

Why buy a Slush Machine ?

SnowShock Slush Brand

UK slush market is worth £50million.

£50million!!.and most of this is profit for shrewd retailers like you.

No other slush can compete with SnowShock and clever retailers are secretly making £1000's every year with our slush, we can easily set you up and get you a piece of the action!

Since the 90's we have built an excellent reputation, supplying outlets with the equipment and know how to make £1000's of pounds every year with this fantastic, timeless product. And with us, the profit is mostly yours and NOT ours, as with most slush suppliers.

With our slush system you will make over 75% GP and with a just modest turnover, you will make an unbelievable profit. For example a regular slush costs you just 21p which you sell for at least 90p making a hugh profit of 69p per cup.

Sell slush and
make huge profits !

Of course; you need a machine and that means investment, however, we make it simple for you. Buy a machine from us and we'll give you enough stock to cover its cost. How's that?

Our top 20 outlets, make an average of £4,500 extra profit per year! And all of them had their machine paid for within weeks.

Jaz from a Costcutter store, quotes "I have had days when I've taken £600 on slush alone. I had the slush machine paid for in no time".

We offer you everything; the best tasting product on the market, via the worlds best, most robust machines, excellent POS, unbeatable service and expert support.

Start selling slush within 1 week ! We are the experts. Click here for our machine deals and phone us for advice and our best up to date prices.


Satisfied Customers !

CostCutter St Helens, Liverpool

"SnowShock has been a great investment for our business, we've just changed our branding to Costcutter with the shop being completely re-furbished, so we wanted a slush machine which really looks the part. The customers really like the machine, the taste of the slush and the different flavours, in fact we sold our first 2 cases within a week, taking over 160 in our first full day. I've told other businesses about how good the whole package and service is, they also delivered fast without any fuss during the heatwave, as we were constantly running out "


Managing Directors Quote

"Welcome to our website! Since the 90's we have specialised in supplying quality slush machines, slush syrup, slush supplies & POS; everything needed to ensure our customers slush sales soar! Our expertise, exceptional customer care and great products are all you need for huge slush profits. Selling slush, our way, is a truly excellent investment for retailers and we make it simple for you by supplying everything you need, including tips & advice".

Peter Campbell

Managing Director


Amazing Profits!

Slush is one of the most profitable drinks you can sell. Gross profits average about 75%

e.g one small slush retails at 60p, costing the retailer 14.7p to serve, thats a whopping 45.3p profit per cup !!


FREE Pavement Stand!

For the Months of May, June & July all of our new slush machines will come complete with a FREE pavement stand worth to maximise your sales